Living with Optune

Be in charge of your daily routine.
Optune is a portable outpatient therapy that can be integrated into your everyday life. With this therapy, it is also possible to pursue your hobbies, travel with Optune, meet friends or even work.

Traveling with Optune

Your personal device support specialist or Novocure customer service will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to travel, particularly air travel.

Before traveling or undertaking physical activities, please ask your doctor to make sure that this does not constitute a safety risk for you. As a rule, there are no special restrictions on physical activities associated with using Optune.

Optune can be worn day and night

Optune should be worn continuously to achieve the best response to the therapy. Wearing Optune at least 78% of the time over the course of a month has been shown to have a significant advantage over wearing Optune for shorter periods of time. Optune can also be used while you sleep.

Monthly treatment overview

Optune logs how long the therapy is administered for each day. A monthly compliance report will be provided to your doctors so that they can discuss your treatment goals with you. Your personal device support specialist will visit you at least once per month to read the data from the device.

Your transducer arrays must be changed regularly

Transducer arrays should be changed every three to four days. If you feel that you are perspiring a lot, or that your hair is growing back quickly, you should change the transducer arrays more frequently. The best possible contact between the transducer arrays and the scalp is required for the best administration of the Tumor Treating Fields. For this reason you must shave your head regularly.

Would you like to wear a head covering?

If you like, you can wear a loosely-knit wig or an air-permeable head covering.

How do I carry the device?

Novocure will deliver a matching bag for your daily needs with your Optune therapy. It can be carried in 5 different ways.

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